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Screening Neurological Examination

When patients present with neurological deficits, the detailed history is usually sufficient to suggest the location within the nervous system of the pathology, and often the nature of the pathology.  The neurological examination is then hypothesis-driven from the onset.


However, there are many situations in Emergency Medicine where a detailed history cannot be obtained.  In this setting, a screening neurological examination can provide valuable information.  The EMCC teaches a structured, high-yield screening neurological examination.  The focus is then on performing specific hypothesis-driven examinations.

Neurology Station

In the Neurology station, background information is provided at the onset and the participant then performs a screening neurological examination on the instructor.  The station focusses thereafter on speculating about the location and nature of the pathology, carrying out hypothesis-driven neurological tests, and discussing how various conditions are initially managed in the Emergency Department.

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